Transformer Copper Belt

- Mar 05, 2018-

Transformer copper belt

Mainly used for the production of dry-type transformers flexible group, and has been in the oil-immersed transformers in the promotion and application of great market potential. It is resistant to impact voltage, anti-short circuit and overload capacity, high efficiency, flame retardant, explosion-proof, low noise, small size, light weight, maintenance-free, low operating costs, high safety and environmental adaptability. In the middle and late last century, dry-type transformers developed rapidly throughout the world and entered China in the late 1980s. At present, our country has become one of the largest countries in the world in terms of production, sales and sales.

05 annual output has more than 50 million kVA. Under normal circumstances, the low-pressure side of the dry change per 1000KVA capacity, the use of copper with 400KG. If the high and low voltage side of all the use of copper strip, each 1000KVA capacity with copper 880KG. At present, all of the high and low voltage copper strips make up about 20% of the total output, and the rest are low-voltage copper strips and high-voltage copper wires. In 2006 the use of copper transformer with more than 60,000 tons. The demand for this product is greater weight, higher accuracy, better surface quality, higher conductivity, no burrs on the edges of the strip.