Lead Frame Copper Tape

- Mar 02, 2018-

Lead frame copper tape

Leadframe Copper tape is the key material for integrated circuits. Today, lead frame packages make up more than 80% of all IC packages used to make integrated circuits and discrete device lead frames. An average of 100 million need to take 100 tons of copper. In 2005, the output of integrated circuits in the country reached 26.5 billion. In recent years, the annual growth rate has risen by 20% annually. The impact of the financial turmoil in the second half of last year has seen a sharp drop in output.

In 2006, the industrialization level of lead frame copper belt in our country has been greatly improved. Luocong Group and Ningbo Xingye have become their important production bases. At present, the domestic self-sufficiency rate of copper discrete devices is increased, while the high integration lead frame copper tape is still imported. For medium strength and medium conductivity C194 alloy domestic industrialization, and high strength and high conductivity C7025 alloy began to develop. Higher strength copper-chromium-zirconium alloys are still blank. The project of Chinalco and Chinalco Daye is based on lead frame and cable copper strip.