Cable Copper Tape

- Mar 06, 2018-

Cable copper tape

Mainly used in the production of communications cables, RF cables, electronic cables and leaky cable shielding. Divided into high frequency welded brass and outer two. Communication cables are cables for the transmission of telephone, telegraph, television, facsimile, data and other telecommunications signals; RF cables are suitable for transmission of radio frequency signals in radio communications, broadcasting and related electronic equipment, also known as "radio cables"; production in electronic cables The largest representative of the product is CATV cable, the introduction of the current production line has 33, the output of more than 700,000 km.

Mobile telecommunications is one of the fastest growing branches of telecommunications in recent years. The radio frequency cables for mobile phone base station antennas and the leaky cables for mobile communications have been rapidly developed. There are dozens of enterprises producing leaky cables, and the required amount of copper cable has exceeded 50,000 tons. In recent years, the copper-oxygen copper subterranean casting all in order to meet this need and construction. The current development direction for the heavy weight, high precision and high purity copper belt.