Construction Copper Pipes, Trachea, Heating Pipe

- Mar 15, 2018-

Construction copper pipes, trachea, heating pipe

Copper pipe, copper pipe fittings, plastic coated brass production has been supporting Jackie Chan. As the copper pipe with bactericidal, non-aging, corrosion resistance, good mounting performance and can be fully recycled and other salient features, has become the only representative of modern building materials. China's copper pipes, copper pipe production has been industrialized, specialized, and widely welcomed by the international market. Although less than 10% of the current applications of construction copper pipes are used in China, their application prospect has been recognized both at home and abroad. The International Copper Association has made remarkable efforts in promoting the construction of copper pipes for construction.

Copper alloy tube condenser

With the development of electric power industry, the output of copper alloy condensers is still growing gradually, and the application of copper alloy condensers in ocean engineering, ships, seawater desalination, chemical industry, papermaking and sugar refining is expanding. Efficient heat pipe (male pipe) on the thermal power condenser trial showed that the heat transfer effect is three times the original use of smooth condenser, which can save one-third of energy.

Car synchronizer gear ring tube

The alloy is multi-wear-resistant brass, and more use of hot extrusion method, pipe diameter 50 ~ 140mm, wall thickness of 5 ~ 10mm, the amount of each car 0.6KG, China's rapid development of the automotive industry, total output in 2007 Reaching 8.88 million, ranking second in the world. In 2010, it will reach 10 million units. In 2010, the dosage will reach 6,000 to 10,000 tons.

Large diameter white copper pipe

With the development of marine undertakings and ships, conventional dephosphorization copper seawater pipelines can no longer meet the demand. The demand for large-diameter white copper pipes is becoming increasingly urgent. In 2006, Zhangzhang Copper Co., Ltd., the largest 5,000-ton oil press in China, has been built and has been industrialized to produce diameter 340mm, wall thickness 2.5mm drawn pipe, to fill the gaps.

 Copper rod and rod line

Copper rod as a copper wire blank has become an important product, the quality of domestic copper rod in full compliance with the chemical composition of GB / 3952-2008 T1 standards, conductivity of 100.5-101.6% IACS, copper wire rod with a multi-wire and continuous casting Method of production, the hot rod varieties have special line shape, special enameled wire, high-speed train conductor.

 New metal material

Among them, high-strength and high-conductivity materials, environment-friendly lead-free copper and alloy materials, all kinds of large-length profiled copper processing materials, and significant progress have been made in the efficient heat pipe (internal thread, external fin, external thread, etc.)