Air-conditioning And Refrigeration Equipment With Internal Thread Brass

- Mar 09, 2018-

Air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment with internal thread brass

Compared with the bypass smooth tube, the heat transfer efficiency increased by 2 to 3 times, saving 30% of copper, you can adapt to the new ozone depletion coefficient of zero for the refrigerant, thus environmental protection, energy saving, materials, air conditioners Miniaturization, high efficiency made a contribution. China's internal thread copper pipe in the household air conditioner in the proportion of up to 80%, and the direction of the full progress of the screw, copper exports have become an important species, representing the world's level of internal thread brass.

In 2006, the output of air conditioners in the country was about 200,000 tons, the concentration of air conditioners was further increased, and the largest users of air conditioners were Midea, Gree and Haier. The output of China's home air conditioners ranked the first in the world with output reaching 7,000-80 million units Although the output and output have fluctuated, the demand for precision brass will have steady growth. High finned and externally threaded tubes are another efficient heat pipe, triple the heat transfer efficiency of smooth tubes, and are expected to replace smooth tube products in desalination and electric field main condensers.

Mosquito coil due to packaging, transportation, easy to use and replace the straight pipe products, has become an important export product.