Guo Wenqing Meets With Deputy Secretary Of The Harbin Municipal Party Committee And Mayor Sun Hao

- Mar 16, 2018-

On March 16, General Manager of the China Minmetals Group Co., Ltd. and deputy party secretary of the China Minmetals Group, Guo Wenqing, Chairman of the China Metallurgical Group and Secretary of the Party Committee, met with the deputy secretary of the Harbin Municipal CPC Committee and Mayor of the CPC Harbin Sun Yong. The two parties will further strengthen cooperation. In-depth communication.

Guo Wenqing welcomed Sun Hao’s visit and introduced the development of China Minmetals in recent years. Guo Wenqing pointed out that on December 8, 2015, China Minmetals and China Metallurgical Group had implemented strategic reorganization in two Fortune 500 companies. After the reorganization, China Minmetals' assets under management amounted to 1.68 trillion yuan, and it has a staff of 200,000 employees. It is currently the only state-owned capital investment company in China's metal mining sector. In 2017, China Minmetals achieved an operating income of 500 billion yuan and a profit of 13 billion yuan. In the field of financial services, China Minmetals is one of the three central SOEs with full financial licenses and has strong investment and financing capabilities and resource allocation capabilities. MCC Group's corporate positioning is “the national team for metallurgical construction, the main force for basic construction, and the leader in emerging industries”. Currently, it has first-class technical strength and design and construction capabilities in high-end housing construction, transportation and municipal energy conservation, environmental protection, and theme parks.