Sn 99.3 Cu0.7 Lead Free Solder Bar

Sn 99.3 Cu0.7 Lead Free Solder Bar

Product Name: Sn 99.3 Cu0.7 lead free solder bar
Material: Tin Silver Copper alloy
Free Sample: Available
Supply Ability: 30 Ton/Tons per Month
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, PayPal, West Union

Product Details

Product Details

Operating Temperature:



Silver Grey


Rectangle of Stick or bar


99.3% Tin and 0.7% Copper

Melting point:



33cm*2.0cm*1.5cm,around 700grams/pc


Wave and hot dip soldering


SGS report comply with ROHS standard


1. Application: Generally used in Lighting, LED, PCB, Precise instruments, Electronic components, Audio and Sound system and so on.

Wave soldering and hot dip soldering with a melting point of 227°C and operating temperature of 270°C.

Good performance in wave/hot dip soldering

2. Certificate: SGS Report, Comply with ROHS standard  & REACH Report for 53 Substance of Very High Concern(SVHC)

3. Composition: Tin and Copper

4. Diameter of solder wire: 0.5mm~5.0mm.

Product Show


Product Features

1. Thanks to high purity solder and fast melting speed, our Sn99.3 Cu0.7 water-soluble tin lead solder wire and solder bar can offer high soldering speed. Due to superb flux formulations, it gives very little rosin splatters and ultra clean solder joints. The solder joint is firm, sufficient and bright.

2. Furthermore, our product is pretty economical. It can produce the maximum quantity of firm solder joints, by depending on the lowest consumption rate of solder. The energy consumption is relatively low.

3. In addition, our product features superior electrical conductivity. It does not cause any core breakage, splash or undesirable odor.

4. Other prominent characteristics include fast soldering speed, favorable soldering effect, superb wetting property, as well as nice fluidity.


Packaging Details

1. Dimension: 33cm*2.0cm*1.5cm, around 700grams/pc 
2. Package: 20kgs/box, 2boxes/carton. 
3. Dimension of box: 34.3cm*16cm*7cm. 
4. Dimension of carton: 36.5cm*18cm*16cm. 
All the cartons are exporting double corrugated carton, wrapped by PVC stripes to avoid damage during transportation.

Delivery Time

10-20 days after receiving the deposit

Our Advantages:

1. Reply the inquiry within 24 hours.

2. As a manufacturer, we can offer much more competitive price than trade company

3. Good quality and professional suggestion

4. Delivery on time.

5. Various of Composition available.

6. Provide free Samples for testing.

7. Spectrum analyzer--technical support to help customers to analyze their samples.


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