The Sierra Gorda Copper Mine Has Resumed Normal Operations After A Casualty Accident

- May 26, 2018-

The Sierra Gorda Copper Mine has resumed normal operations after a casualty accident

On May 17th, a spokesman for the Polish company KGHM stated on Thursday that its holding of the Chile copper mine, Sierra Gorda, has resumed normal operations. The mine was temporarily shut down due to a casualty accident earlier this week.

An employee of the equipment supply company Finning died on Tuesday morning during routine maintenance work. The spokesperson stated that the mine resumed normal operation on Wednesday.

KGHM acquired a controlling stake in the Sierra Gorda mine in 2011 by purchasing Canadian Quadra FNX. The remaining 45% equity is owned by Sumitomo Corporation.

The Sierra Gorda copper mine produced 101,700 tons last year, accounting for only a small part of Chile’s total production of 5.5 million tons.