Jiangxi Copper Group Hires Chief Scientist Of Millions Of Annual Salary

- May 25, 2018-

Jiangxi Copper Group hires chief scientist of millions of annual salary

Recently, Jiangxi Copper Group Co., Ltd. issued a recruitment notice, recruiting 4 chief scientists worldwide with annual salary of up to 2 million yuan.

According to the recruitment announcement, Jiangxi Copper will recruit 1 chief scientist of new materials, 1 chief scientist of rare and diffusive metal applications, 1 chief scientist of rare earth applications, and 1 chief scientist of copper processing. After joining the company, he will work full time at Jiangbei Research Institute. . Recruitment requirements are: ages 30 to 60 years old, physical health, nationality is not limited; academic degrees are not limited, there is a doctorate, overseas research and development background, national talent plan talents priority; engaged in the development of carbon nanomaterials, rare and expensive metal applications, Rare earth applications, copper processing work for more than 3 years, familiar with the industry technology, market, has the priority of industrialization results. Responsibility for the duties: Correspondingly set up the Institute of New Materials of Jiangbei Research Institute, Institute of Rare and Expensive and Diffuse Metals, and Institute of Rare Earth Applications; set up an advantageous R&D team; construct carbon nanomaterials, application of rare and rare metals, and R&D platforms for rare earth applications. Copper processing R & D platform; corresponding development of carbon nanomaterials, rare and precious metals, rare earth applications, copper processing new product development and other research; promote the industrialization of R & D results.