Emphasizing First-person Awareness, Strengthening Planning Guidance, And Scientifically Sketching The Construction Plan Of The World Copper Capital

- Mar 24, 2018-

Emphasizing first-person awareness, strengthening planning guidance, and scientifically sketching the construction plan of the world copper capital

Yingtan is marketed as copper and Tongxing. For many years, the copper industry has been unswervingly taken as the first industry. The municipal party committee secretary, the mayor personally led the promotion of the "World Copper Capital" construction leading group, and entrusted the top domestic industry consulting agencies to focus on the "eight in one" industrial system. The Yingtan Copper Industry will be multi-dimensionally docked with domestic and foreign benchmarking areas and companies, and will formulate the "Development Plan for World Copper Capital in Yingtan City" from a high starting point, and proposes the construction of "Excellent Copper Capital, Smart Copper Capital, and Green Copper Capital", with a sound system and a perfect chain. The "World Copper Capital" has world influence. The study issued the "Opinions on Further Improving the Copper Industry, Accelerating the Construction of the World Copper Capital," and "Notice on Establishing a Strongly Promoting Mechanism for the Construction of the World Copper Capital", in accordance with the overall requirements of the "One in Eight, Coordinated Advancement," Implement “five-one” scheduling mechanisms for key work and key projects, namely “every Monday, half-monthly, monthly, half-year, and year-end assessments”, and promote copper through efficient mechanisms and powerful measures. Industrial development work has been fully implemented.