At The Initial Stage Of The Diversion Tunnel Project Of The Copper Daimi Tailings Of The Miladuo Copper Mine

- Mar 25, 2018-

At the initial stage of the diversion tunnel project of the Copper Daimi tailings of the Miladuo Copper Mine

At 10:28am local time on February 28 in Ecuador, with the sound of the last blasting of the diversion tunnel at the beginning of the Tongdaim tailings yard of the Miladuo Copper Mine, a total length of 650.7 was constructed by the Tongling Nonferrous Copper Crown Mine Construction Company. m. The 4m×5m cross-section of the initial dam diversion tunnel was completed throughout the project and entered the construction phase from the construction preparation period, which provided guarantee for the commissioning of the Mirador project in 2019.