At Tongling Nonferrous Gold Crown Copper Branch, Zhang Changer Listened Carefully To Yang Jun’s Report On The Development Of Tongling’s Nonferrous Metals

- May 11, 2018-

At Tongling Nonferrous Gold Crown Copper Branch, Zhang Changer listened carefully to Yang Jun’s report on the development of Tongling’s nonferrous metals. After more than 60 years of development, Tongling Nonferrous Metals has developed into a core industry with non-ferrous metals, and has been ranked first in the Anhui Top 100 for 7 consecutive years. The total volume of import and export trade has remained the No. 1 position in the nation's copper industry for 16 consecutive years. Second, China ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2017 and the top 38 among Chinese manufacturing enterprises. Tongling Nonferrous Metals changed its resource control strategy during the "10th Five-Year Plan" and "11th Five-Year Plan" period to the "12th Five-Year Plan" and "13th Five-Year Plan" period. As the largest “going out” project in Anhui Province, the Miladuo Copper Mine in Ecuador has an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of copper metal after reaching the standard, effectively improving the low supply rate of Tongling non-ferrous self-produced copper concentrate. At the same time, Tongling has accelerated the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, and has made every effort to build a number of copper deep-processing leading products such as copper foils and high-end alloys, and has strived to become a world-class copper processing company.