According To The Production Report Of Tongling Nonferrous Gold Crown Copper Co., Ltd., In The First Quarter

- May 12, 2018-

According to the production report of Tongling Nonferrous Gold Crown Copper Co., Ltd., in the first quarter, the branch completed output of main products of 104,400 tons of copper, 394,400 tons of sulfuric acid, and 413,160 tons of copper concentrate, which were 3.43% and 6.15% higher than planned. , 5.7%.

“Besides the gratifying data, it is the result of the work ideas that we insist on grasping key points, making up short boards and strong management, and adopting various measures to increase the operating rate of the two furnaces. It is also a manifestation of the joint efforts of all employees.” Talking about outstanding performance in the first quarter. The results, said Minister of Production and Manufacturing Division of Golden Crown Copper Division, said.