Precision Copper Tube

Precision Copper Tube

Product Name: Precision Copper Tube
Grade: C10000, C20000series
Outside diameter: 1.6mm - 5mm
Thickness: 0.27mm - 2.0mm
Coil weight: 5kg/20kg/30kg/50kg
Elongation: >15%Elongation: >35%
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Product Data

Specifications of Precision Copper Tube: 

1) Grade: C10200, C12200, C2680, C27200, C27000, etc.

2) Outside diameter: 1.6mm - 5mm

3) Thickness: 0.27mm - 2.0mm

4) Coil weight: 5kg/20kg/30kg/50kg

5) Process Method: cold drawn and cold rolled

6) Surface: pickled or sand blasting



Product Description 

Features of Precision Copper Tube:

1) Small external diameter

2) High precision

3) Smooth internal and external surface


Precision of Capillary Copper Tube: 

1) Air Conditioner and Refrigerator

2) Water Tube service and Distribution

3) Fire Protection, Solar, Fuel/Fuel Oil

4) Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gas

5) HVAC, Snow Melting, Drain, Waste, Vent Piping

6) Heat Exchange


Product Show



Package and Delivery 


1) Seaworthy package

2) With plastic cap to protect both ends

3) Plastic bag wrapped outside the pipe

4) Bundles to be covered by polythene & strapped securely

5) If require, pack with wooden box 

Delivery time: 1 day in stock, if not within 7 days



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