Copper Nickel Pipe

Copper Nickel Pipe

Product Name: Copper Nickel Pipe
Type of State: M, Y2, Y
Product OEM: Available
Product Sample: Available
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Copper and nickel can be infinitely soluble in one another to form a continuous solid solution, that is, whatever the ratio of each other, and constant α - single-phase alloy. When nickel is added into the copper D200 and the content exceeds 16%, the color of the resulting alloy becomes relatively white, such as silver. The higher the nickel content, the more white the color. However, after all, the copper is blended with the copper as long as the nickel content ratio does not exceed 70%, the naked eye will see the yellow copper. Not to mention usually the content of nickel in copper is generally 25%. White copper is an elegant name for copper-nickel alloys, with a density of 8.9-8.88 between copper and nickel.


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Product Application

Pure copper plus nickel can significantly improve the strength, corrosion resistance, hardness, resistance and thermoelectricity, and reduce the resistivity temperature coefficient. Therefore, the mechanical properties of copper than other copper alloys, the physical properties are exceptionally good ductility, high hardness, beautiful color, corrosion resistance and deep drawing properties, is widely used in shipbuilding, petrochemicals, electrical appliances, instruments, medical machinery, daily necessities , Handicrafts and other fields, and is also an important resistance and thermocouple alloy. The disadvantage of copper is the main addition of elements - nickel is a scarce strategic supplies, the price is more expensive.


Package and Delivery

1. Standard Exporting package.

2. Original package or neutral package.

3. According to clients ' needs.

4. Shipped in10-35 days after payment.



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