Beryllium Bronze Wire

Product Name: Beryllium Bronze wire
Diameter: 0.01-10.0mm
Hardness: 0,1/2H, 3/4h, H, EH, SH
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

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Product Data 

Beryllium copper alloy precipitation hardening type, after solid solution aging treatment has high strength, hardness, elastic limit and fatigue limit, elastic hysteresis is small, and is corrosion resistant and processing properties, beryllium copper alloy is a submarine cable repeater constructs an irreplaceable material.



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Product Application 

Beryllium Bronze wire Application:

Wear-resisting, low temperature, no magnetism, high conductivity, impact without spark and other characteristics 

At the same time also has the good fluidity and reproduction fine pattern ability. Because of the excellent properties of beryllium copper alloy, it has been widely used in manufacturing industry.



Package and Delivery 


Wood Standard package, fixed by belt then loaded into fumigated wooden box . 

Delivery time: 1 day in stock, if not within 7 days



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