Wet Copper Smelting

- Feb 06, 2018-

Wet copper smelting

A boat suitable for low-grade copper oxide, the production of refined copper called electrowinning copper. Modern hydrometallurgy with sulfated roasting - leaching - electrowinning, leaching - extraction - electrowinning, bacterial leaching and other methods, suitable for low-grade complex ore, copper oxide ore, copper ore waste heap leaching, tank leaching or Leaching. Wet-smelting technology is gradually being rolled out and is expected to reach 20% of the total output by the end of this century. The introduction of wet-smelting greatly reduces the smelting cost of copper.

The smelting process is:

Fire and wet process compared to the characteristics of two processes Fire and wet two kinds of copper production process, has the following characteristics:

(1) The latter smelting equipment is simpler, but the impurity content is higher, is the former beneficial supplement.

(2) The latter has limitations, subject to the grade and type of ore.

(3) The former cost more than the latter.