The Silver Smelting Method Is The Only Copper Smelting New Technology With Independent Intellectual Property Rights Invented By The Baiyin Nonferrous Group In The 1970s

- Apr 01, 2018-

The silver smelting method is the only copper smelting new technology with independent intellectual property rights invented by the Baiyin Nonferrous Group in the 1970s. In order to further increase the life span, production capacity and technical and economic indicators of silver furnaces, and enhance the competitiveness of silver furnace melting pool smelting and copper smelting technology in the copper smelting industry and the group company's sustainable development capability, Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Group is based on independent innovation and has been fully demonstrated and studied. Based on this, it has successively implemented technological transformations including furnace structure, cooling elements, furnace masonry optimization, etc., and has adopted independent research and development to design air-jet water jackets, tuyere cooling devices, and flue gas dust baffles to subvert operational concepts and promote standardized operations. In order to improve the level of intelligent control, the silver furnace process has been increasingly perfected, the process control has become more mature, and the indicators such as the life of the silver furnace, hearth capacity, safe operation, and work efficiency have been greatly improved. The silver smelter ignited on November 5, 2016. By March 25, 2018, the furnace shutdown was safe and stable for 17 months, setting a record high. After shutdown furnace mapping, the water jacket is basically intact and the surface of the water jacket has a layer of slag skin with a thickness of about 20 mm; the furnace life is estimated to be more than 24 months, and the original water jacket + lining converter wall structure is solved. , furnace body operation to about 10 months there water liner lining bricks fall, the water jacket local temperature is too high, the furnace wall gap running copper, run slag and other safety hazards.