Rolled Copper Foil

- Mar 01, 2018-

Rolled copper foil

Rolled copper foil is an important material for making flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs). With the promotion and popularization of high-end, miniaturized and portable electronic products such as mobile phones, notebook computers, digital cameras, video cameras and LCD displays, the demand for flexible printed circuit boards has soared. In addition to the static deflection, the flexible printed circuit board can flex and fold dynamically to realize the three-dimensional development. It can effectively improve the freedom and flexibility of circuit design and mechanical design, and improve the reliability and stability of the whole system of electronic equipment. Flexible Printed Circuit Board Copper foil is used as well as electrolytic copper foil.

The rolled copper foil because of its high ductility and excellent mechanical properties, it is more and more used, especially in many special occasions must use rolled copper foil. Currently, about 70% of FPCs in industrialized countries use rolled copper foil, while the remaining 30% use electrolytic copper foil. China's use of rolled copper foil FPC manufacturing enterprises are starting to rely mainly on imports of materials, the new Shanghai Aluminum Corporation of aluminum 80,000 tons of the project, which has an annual output of 0.007 ~ 0.035 * 650mm rolled copper foil 3,000 tons . In addition, Shandong Heze, Guangyuan Copper Belt Co., Ltd. plans an annual output of 60,000 tons of high-precision copper strip project also plans to 5000 ~ 8000 tons of rolled copper foil, and ready to implement the first part of its copper.