Phosphor Bronze Strip

- Jan 29, 2018-

Phosphor Bronze strip with higher corrosion resistance, wear resistance, the impact does not occur when the spark. For medium-speed, heavy-duty bearings, the maximum working temperature of 250 ℃. With self-aligning, insensitive to deflection, the bearing capacity of uniform bearing capacity can be subject to radial load, self-lubricating maintenance-free features.

Phosphorite is an alloy copper, with good electrical conductivity, easy to heat, to ensure safety while having a strong anti-fatigue. Phosphor bronze jack reed hardwired electrical structure, no rivet connection or frictionless contacts, to ensure good contact, good elasticity, dial a smooth. The alloy has excellent machinability and performance into the chip, can quickly shorten the processing time. Phosphor Bronze picture

Phosphor bronze as a master alloy is widely used in copper casting, soldering and other fields, in the development of the national economy occupies an important place.