On April 10th, Peng Chen, An Outside Director Of Chinalco Group, Went To Huazhong Copper Industry For Research.

- Apr 20, 2018-

On April 10th, Peng Chen, an outside director of Chinalco Group, went to Huazhong Copper Industry for research.

Peng Chen inspected the main production workshop of Huazhong Copper and the construction site of the second phase of the high-precision copper strip project. He listened to the company’s work report, and further expanded the cost reduction and efficiency improvement space, enhanced the company’s core competitiveness, and other issues of Huazhong Copper cadre employees. Conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions and provided guidance.

Peng Chen fully affirmed the arduous efforts of the cadres of Huazhong Copper to promote the tremendous changes in the appearance of the company, and made strenuous efforts, achievements, and good work for the company in management innovation, technological innovation, and structural adjustment. Status is highly rated.