Nickel-based Copper

- Jan 26, 2018-

Copper is a nickel-based copper-based alloy added elements, was silver-white, metallic luster, hence the name white copper. Copper and nickel can be infinitely soluble in one another to form a continuous solid solution, that is, whatever the ratio of each other, and constant for the α-single phase alloy. When the nickel is melted into the red copper and the content exceeds 16%, the resulting alloy color becomes white as silver, the higher the nickel content, the more white the color. Nickel content in white copper is generally 25%.

The distinction between white copper and Tibetan silver, Miao silver method is that the normal ratio, the latter two are relatively white, from the color point of view closer to silver. However, the modern technology under the albino and Tibetan silver, Miao silver color comparable, or even more white, but higher hardness, lighter weight. At present, there is no custom of using pure white copper or even Al-Cu-Al in Cangban and Miao-Yin areas. It is known that only some of the traders use it to make new wiping molds and non-hand-held tools (especially for instruments and accessories).