Macro Direction, Micro Rhythm: Concurrent Discussion Of The Two Giants In The Copper Market In The Past Five Years

- Apr 05, 2018-

Macro direction, micro rhythm: concurrent discussion of the two giants in the copper market in the past five years

After the Spring Festival, most commodity futures experienced a wave of smooth declines, and copper is no exception.

Recall that before the Spring Festival, many bullies were filled with enthusiasm and were immersed in the many benefits of Trump’s infrastructure, mine strike disruption, long-term shortage of copper supply, sharp decline in scrap copper imports, and continued global economic growth.

Factors such as financial deleveraging, the regulation of local government debt, and real estate regulation, which may trigger a slowdown in the economy and declining demand, have simply been brought about by “believing the toughness of the domestic economy and the continued growth of overseas economies”.

After the holiday, these factors became the heart of the market, and the accumulation of superimposed stocks caused a wave of declines, and fell below the 50,000 yuan threshold in the midst of the negative stimulus of the "trade war" between China and the United States. It also announced 2017. The support of the platform has fallen since August.