Fire Melting Copper

- Feb 05, 2018-

Fire melting copper

Cathode copper is produced by melt smelting and electrolytic refining, ie electrolytic copper, and is generally suitable for high-grade copper sulphide mines. Pyrometallurgical smelting is generally the first few percent or a few thousandths of copper ore, ore dressing increased to 20-30%, as a copper concentrate, in a closed blast furnace, reverberatory furnace, electric furnace or flash furnace to make Matte smelting, the output of matte (matte) and then into the converter for blowing into blister copper, and then in another kind of refiner furnace oxidation refining deblocking, or cast anode plate electrolysis, to obtain the grade of up to 99.9% Electrolytic copper. The process is short, adaptable, copper recovery rate of up to 95%, but because of the sulfur in the ore in the two stages of making matte and blowing sulfur dioxide emissions, easy recovery, easy to cause pollution. In recent years, such as silver law, Nolan Da law molten pool melting and Japan's Mitsubishi law, pyrometallurgical gradually to the continuous, automated development.