Copper Plate And Copper Strip

- Jan 31, 2018-

Copper plate can be classified according to different grades, roughly divided into brass plate, copper plate, bronze plate, white copper plate. According to the classification of different grades, roughly divided into brass strip, copper strip, bronze strip, white copper strip. Copper strip is divided into hot-rolled strip and cold-rolled strip, hot-rolled strip thickness is generally 4 ~ 25mm, cold-rolled thickness of 0.2mm ~ 15mm, the maximum width of 2500mm, the maximum length of up to 6000mm .

Copper strip with its special metal properties and high conductivity, corrosion resistance characteristics, and more used in conductive, thermal conductivity, corrosion-resistant equipment. Such as wires, cables, conductive screws, blasting with detonators, chemical evaporators, reservoirs and various pipes.

Copper plate can also do a variety of deep-drawn and bending force components manufactured, such as pins, rivets, washers, nuts, catheters, barometers, screens, radiator parts.