Copper Doors And Windows Rust How To Do

- Dec 13, 2017-

Feel the ancient copper doors and windows give people is beautiful decoration, whether ancient or modern, noble temperament everlasting copper doors and windows. Custom copper doors and windows is very simple, but the maintenance day after use would require some expertise to escort, a piece of copper 

1, rust can be washed clean, then soak into the vinegar, wait a day out, and then use the brush to remove rust above the left, and then clean water to the top the vinegar wash clean, dry it. The bronze is copper block belonging to a large, can not be put vinegar soak. So we can clean cloth, wipe on edible vinegar wipe ceaselessly, rub a few times, with a brush to remove rust on the rest, and then clean water to the top of the vinegar to wash clean, dry it.

2, if the bronze doors on the rust is not obvious, it is best not to use the method of vinegar chemical removal can be carried out with the method of dry brush. We can use the brush pen to write the above relatively large, brown roots cut into five mm to seven mm can be used. The brush to the copper or other fixed copper products, painting pen root hard brush, otherwise the effect will not be obvious in, wash it with clean water.

3, some of the more superficial rust, more scattered because of their molecular structure, so it can be through the heating method to let the rust off. In addition to a knife to remove rust, need not too hard, otherwise it will scratch the bronze, if not sure if you don't use this way.

4, when the copper rusts, there will be a layer of soil rust that is difficult to wash out. This soil rust can be soaked with eighty to ninety degrees of boiling water. After about five minutes, take it out of the water and brush it out with a brush, so that it can do it in a cool place. If the soil is very rusty, the water can be heated to boiling, and the rust will fall.