Copper, Bronze, Copper What Is The Difference

- Dec 13, 2017-

Copper: an alloy consisting of one or several other elements added to the matrix of YISHION copper. Pure copper is purple red, also known as copper. The pure copper density is 8.96 and the melting point is 1083 C. It has excellent conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for generator, busbar, cable, switchgear, transformer and other electrical equipment and heat exchangers, pipes, solar heating devices such as flat panel collector and other thermal conductive equipment. The copper alloy used for brass, bronze, copper 3 categories.

Bronze: refers to the original copper tin alloy, copper alloy, copper brass except outside were called bronze, and often dubbed the first main add elements in front of the name in the name of bronze. The tin bronze has good casting performance, good friction reducing performance and good mechanical properties. It is suitable for making bearings, worm wheels and gears. Lead bronze is a widely used bearing material in modern engines and grinders. Aluminum bronze is of high strength, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is used for high load gear, shaft sleeve, marine propeller, etc. Beryllium bronze and phosphor bronze have high elastic limit and good conductivity. They are suitable for the manufacture of precision springs and electrical contact elements. Beryllium bronze is also used to produce sparkless tools such as coal mines and oil depots.

Paktong: with nickel as the main elements of copper alloy.  The copper nickel alloy called two yuan ordinary copper; with copper nickel alloy elements manganese, iron, zinc, aluminum and other known complex copper nickel alloy. The industrial structure is divided into copper and Cupronickel two kinds of electric copper nickel alloy. The structure characteristics of copper nickel alloy is good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, beautiful color. This copper nickel alloy widely used in manufacturing of precision machinery, chemical machinery and ship components. General electric copper nickel alloy has good thermoelectric properties. Manganin and constantan, copper is Mn copper nickel manganese content is different, the manufacture of precision electrical instrument, rheostat, precision resistors, strain gauges, thermocouples and other materials used.