Copper (also Known As Copper)

- Feb 08, 2018-

Copper (also known as copper), commonly used in water pipes, heating and cooling pipes, as the installation of a hard tube texture, corrosion resistance, high temperature, high pressure, etc., can be used in different environments. Copper set the advantages of metal and non-metallic pipe in one, in hot and cold water systems

Exclusive in the first, is the best connection pipe. Brass fire-resistant and heat-resistant, at high temperatures can still maintain its shape and strength, there will be no aging phenomenon.

Copper pressure capacity is several times the plastic pipe and aluminum pipe and even a few times, it can withstand the highest water pressure in today's building. In hot water environment, with the extension of the service life, the pressure capacity of plastic pipe significantly decreased, and the mechanical properties of brass in all the thermal temperature range remains unchanged, so the pressure capacity will not be reduced, nor Will appear the phenomenon of aging.

Copper linear expansion coefficient is small, is a plastic tube 1/10, not because of excessive thermal expansion and contraction caused by stress fatigue cracking.

The strength of the copper tube is bigger, the diameter is smaller and more suitable for the buried under the requirement of ensuring the effective inner diameter.