Brass Safe And Reliable

- Feb 12, 2018-

Brass safe and reliable

Copper pipe set of metal pipe and non-metallic pipe in one of the advantages. It is harder than plastic pipe, with the general strength of the metal (cold drawn copper pipe with the same wall thickness of the steel pipe); it is more flexible than the average metal, ductile and ductile high, with excellent anti-vibration, anti- Impact and anti-frost heaving performance.

Copper can withstand extremely cold and very hot temperature, from -196 degrees to 250 degrees wide range of applications, and to adapt to dramatic changes in temperature (- high temperature - low temperature - high temperature -), performance will not be due to long-term use and dramatic changes in temperature And reduce, will not produce the phenomenon of aging. This is beyond normal pipe.

Copper linear expansion coefficient is small, is the plastic tube 1/10, fatigue-resistant. When the temperature changes will not produce excessive thermal expansion and contraction caused by stress fatigue rupture.

These features make the use of copper tubes in cold areas a great advantage. In the cold area, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the linear expansion coefficient of the ordinary pipe is large and the strength is low, which easily causes the stress fatigue fracture caused by the thermal expansion and contraction. Some claim to -20 degrees is not brittle, but in fact, can not withstand the pressure of work, and the service life is very short, does not have practical significance, although the insulation measures can be used, but in the transport, storage and installation of low temperatures encountered is inevitable, and copper Tube performance at -183 degrees is the same as at room temperature.