Brass Profiles

- Jan 19, 2018-

Brass profiles are made of brass with a certain geometry made from rolling, extrusion, casting and other processes.

The production of brass profiles by extrusion process: brass extruded profiles divided brass hollow profiles and solid brass profiles two categories. Brass hollow profile refers to the cross-section of one or more closed through-hole brass profiles. Brass extruded profiles of the species and specifications have more than 30,000 species. Brass solid extruded profiles account for about 65% of all brass extrusion profile specifications, while the profile of brass profile section accounted for most of the solid brass section profile. Brass extruded profiles have higher strength compared to other methods such as rolling and die forging. Extrusion tool replacement is relatively simple, small batch production. The use of extrusion method for the production of complex shapes, especially those with widely varying sections, can greatly reduce the amount of machining, reduce metal loss and improve the performance of parts and structures.