Brass Pipe

- Feb 09, 2018-

Brass light weight, good thermal conductivity, low temperature strength. Commonly used in the manufacture of heat exchange equipment (such as condensers, etc.)


Also used in oxygen equipment, assembly of low-temperature pipeline. Small diameter brass is often used to deliver pressurized fluids (such as lubrication systems, hydraulic systems, etc.) and piezometers used as gauges.

The robustness and corrosion resistance of copper pipes make them the first choice for modern contractors in water pipe, heating and cooling pipe installation in all commercial housing.

Brass melts into a lot of advantages: it is strong, with the general strength of metal; at the same time than the average metal is easy to bend, easy to twist, easy to crack, not broken, and has some resistance to frost heaving and impact resistance, so the building Of the water system copper pipes installed, safe to use, even without the need for maintenance and repair.