What kind of material copper is more suitable for armrests

- Dec 13, 2017-

Copper is a kind of metal material used earlier by mankind. It has many outstanding advantages, such as corrosion resistance, easy extraction and extraction, and simple processing and making. The decorative copper profile has a strong decorative effect and is easy to match with other materials, so it has always been a favorite for designers. Copper jewelry can be classified according to the properties of material: bronze, brass, copper (copper) three. The texture characteristics are different because of the proportion of copper and other metals.

Because the chemical properties of copper atom is quite active, contractor if the surface treatment process of motley crowd, inferior, bright mirror is in a very short period of time will be oxidized, black, the copper decoration industry looked formidable.

Brass contains a small amount of tin and is more resistant to corrosion than bronze. The brass color is bright, like gold, whether it is polished or light, there are obvious metal colors. Brass is more used in building parts, such as door handles, lamps and armrests, etc. Brass can show fashion and modern sense of modernity, so it is widely used in the interior of modern commercial buildings.