The world economy has been sluggish since 2011

- Apr 29, 2018-

The world economy has been sluggish since 2011, and China, as a global economic locomotive, has stepped into the new normal economy, but its right to speak has been raised in certain areas. For example, China’s right to speak in the global electrolytic copper market after 2013 It has been improved, but this phase is also the period of surplus of global copper supply. In the tight supply phase of copper, due to the long production cycle of the mine, the flexibility of copper supply is very small and the copper price will increase rapidly. Consumers have little right to speak about this; With the reduction of copper market oversupply, China’s discourse power as the largest consumer country will naturally rise. For example, in relation to price guidance, the Shanghai Futures Exchange was almost a shadow market of the London Stock Exchange. At present, it has initially formed a two-way guided global market pattern. The stability of this pattern remains to be seen: In the future, if the global copper supply situation changes and copper prices rise again, it is still possible that China will lose its right to speak again.