The advantages of large copper sleeve features

- Feb 11, 2018-

The advantages of large copper sleeve features

Large copper sleeve (roller bearing) and the shaft friction, rolling friction between the large copper sleeve to reduce the friction loss of precision mechanical components work together. Provide the general inner and outer rings, and the role of the roller shaft stage tie with the body and maintain the inner ring of the frame composed of four parts, and the shaft are rotated; the role of the outer ring is equipped with seats supporting role; Rolling body is evenly distributed with the jade in the frame rolling body inner ring and outer ring Chi Kin, the size and number of its shape directly affect the performance and life of roller bearings, maintain the frame can be evenly distributed rolling elements to prevent the roller Body down, guide roller body rotation from the role of lubrication.

Slide bearings are the most common but as technology continues to evolve, new products enter the market and begin to have a larger market share. Roller bearing is one of the more prominent. Because of some advantages of plain bearings and rolling bearings.

1, axial size is smaller, so most types of copper can withstand radial and axial load.

2, load, fast, to adapt to a wide range of operating temperature, large copper sleeve small changes in the working conditions of the bearing almost no effect on the performance.

3, low starting friction torque, power loss, rolling bearing efficiency (0.98-0.99) higher than the mixed lubrication of bearings.

4, easy to lubricate, maintain and repair.