Sheng Tun Mining non-ferrous mining continued growth

- Jan 25, 2018-

Sheng Tun Mining non-ferrous mining continued growth

Positive layout of copper and cobalt projects

Expected global economic recovery, copper and zinc prices continued to rise, Shengtuan mining and mining volume and volume business soar, the results than expected, in addition the company layout Congo gold copper and cobalt project is expected to cut into the new energy cobalt and nickel areas.

Sheng Tun Mining continued to increase mining layout, continued to increase production reserves, the recovery of the world economy led to copper and zinc prices, contributing more than expected growth performance, in addition the company's Congo gold layout copper and cobalt smelter, by stake in CMI25% stake in Zambia Kitwe copper and cobalt tailings Library development, is expected to cut into the new energy upstream areas.

Continuously increase mining assets, the layout of new energy upstream cobalt-nickel field. Shengtun mining through the acquisition, has merged into eight mining enterprises, increase reserves. The company's main mining Aima Mining and Yinxin Mining steadily increased, in 2018 Huajin Mining is expected to resume production. Analysts to predict the global economic recovery than expected, lead, zinc and copper and other metal prices are expected to rise, the company will volume and volume of coal prices, the performance exceeded expectations. In addition, the Company actively distributed the Congolese copper and cobalt comprehensive utilization project (10,000 tons of copper and 3,500 tons of cobalt capacity) and participated in the Kitwe copper-cobalt tailings depot (up to 25,000 tons of copper and 2,200 tons of cobalt after production) and a 25% Rising nickel ore (4650 tons of nickel) development, Sheng Tun Mining is expected to cut into the new energy cobalt-nickel areas, rich non-ferrous mining layout.

Diversified layout of non-ferrous financial industry, performance continued to grow. Based on its industrial advantages accumulated in the metal mining and trading, Sheng Tun Mining cut into the metal financial services, covering commercial factoring, gold leasing and supply chain finance. With a vast market for metal financial services, the financial performance of the Company's industrial chain has been growing rapidly, contributing huge profits to the Company.