Processing and production of various kinds of copper thread copper nut role

- Dec 13, 2017-

Copper fastener is a kind of precision copper product with small mass and weight.

1, M4 copper nuts generally embedded in plastic bakelite shell, the surface of the straight lines Lahua, internal fine thread 3/8-24UNF. The production and processing of M4 embedded copper parts nut technology is that its copper wall thickness is only 0.5mm. When the tool is adjusted to a tool, there is a slight deviation from the center or when the thread is attacked and cut, it will lead to the deformation or breaking of the M4 copper nut.

2, M5 screw thread copper nut, surface rolling mesh flower, blind hole attack 1/4-13UNC thread, outer diameter 7mm, cutting volume is more difficult to process.

3, turning M8 copper nut is a pre buried copper insert, surface texture Lahua, M8 thread has three steps, we adopted the custom of Taiwan tungsten steel drill processing production, this three step hole can be formed once, it ensures that this product can be made in the one-time automatic lathe, no two processing so as to reduce the production cost of the products.

4, M6 copper nut and M8 embossed copper insert rolling pattern is a special pattern in the barb type, first with the cutter car into 5 steps with 60 degrees, and then mounted on the turret of a gear hobbing molding. These M6 and M8 nuts are used in plastic parts of the leakage switch, which can be easily inlaid into plastic, and the antiskid and anti rotation effect is very good.

5, the standard thread of the M10 nut of the compression type copper piece, the head roll straight floral, the angle of the two 45 degrees, and then the middle milling groove. The M10 nut of the embossed copper piece is buried at the bottom of the circuit board, the surface pressure 0.5mm is super wide netted flower, and the middle milling slot.

6, six corner copper parts m3 copper nut, it is used in the plastic shell of electrical products, using six angle bar to process, two ends to insert a slot, middle car steps. The M3 preburied copper nut has good anti rotation and strong tensile strength.