Introduction of copper alloy casting

- Dec 13, 2017-

Copper alloy casting flat die cutting machine, CNC punch machine, is a paper packaging and printing machinery. The use of die-cutting machine knives, metal molds, steel wire, copper plate or plate prints, carved into the template, whether through the printing plate, roll or board pressure. The basic equipment is printed on the packaging and formed after processing.

Flat die cutting plate, flat die cutting machine, circular flat die cutting machine, three kinds of rotary die cutting machine, copper alloy casting die cutting machine can be divided into vertical flat die cutting machine and horizontal flat die cutting machine. The flat die cutting machine is working, the pressure plate is driven to the version and the pressure is placed on the table. According to the motion of the plates can be divided into two categories: one is around the fixed hinge fluctuations, another way to moving platen die cutting machine mechanism at work, and the first connecting rod lead plate cylindrical roller fulcrum, swinging in the frame rail.

Shooting hole is a professional manufacturer of copper mould cutting machine parts factory in the industrial city of Qufu, since its inception, the focus in the treatment of non ferrous metal casting, accumulated experience, and adopt advanced technology to continuously improve the quality of products, the main manufacturer of widely acclaimed. Sand casting, metal casting, centrifugal casting and other foundry technology.

The main materials of the production are copper, brass, bronze, brass, brass, aluminum and other nonferrous metals. By adding elements in Al Cu alloy, aluminum copper alloy casting, but generally not more than 11.5%, the amount of iron, nickel, manganese and other elements are sometimes added. Compared with the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of tin bronze, it is suitable for the strength of high load gear bushing.

Aluminum bronze series QAL9-4, QAL10-4-4, QAL10-3-1.5, QAL9-2 QAL10-5-5, QAL7, QAL5, QAL11-6-6, QAL9-5-1-1, QAL10-5-5, QAL11-6-6 and other brands of rod, tube and large casting, worm and nut plate, and so on.