Copper wire and cable how to distinguish between copper

- Dec 13, 2017-

When you pack copper cable and four copper clad steel and four copper clad aluminum copper wire in discrimination, not only to determine this product actually on the market 04 conductor, copper clad copper wire in the fire after a period of time will bend down, the reason is that 04 of the copper clad copper conductor in OD it is relatively small, and the melting point of copper will Bitiedi, when the temperature reaches a certain extent will bend down! So a single point to determine is four iron four aluminum or not properly! The lines of copper clad copper and four iron and four aluminum can be distinguished by the following cases:

Many manufacturers of the 1. type cable has a certain mark, general industry, the cable conductor can be divided into copper clad aluminum C, copper clad steel is B, copper is used instead of A, so it can be through the skin to identify the typing line!

2. can use a magnet to try sucking, if can suck it up that line contains the absolute copper clad, it will ensure the cable also contains copper clad aluminum wire, because the domestic only four iron four aluminum, not copper clad steel!

3. four four iron aluminum cable will be showing four lines in hardness: white orange, orange, white and blue, blue for the hardness of copper clad aluminum is soft, and the remaining four four lines for copper clad steel hardness to many hard!

4. is the 8 core to be burned, if four lines are very easy to burn, four are not easy to burn and prove to be four iron and four aluminum!