Copper continued to operate at high levels

- Apr 05, 2018-

Copper: Copper continued to operate at high levels, hitting an intraday high of US$5,000, mainly due to the increase in China’s copper import data and weaker US dollar support. The domestic copper price was cautious and the price was high. Although the callback was relatively small, the market’s bullish sentiment had subsided. Some industry players feared that the short-term copper price copper prices would revert to a deeper correction after a continuous rise, so the operation was relatively cautious. Market transactions The amount is less. According to a number of copper rod plants, until now, the amount of copper rod orders has not improved, mainly based on digested inventory. If the order volume increases, the price will be received. From various signs, it can be seen that the industry is not overly optimistic about the recent trend of copper prices. Currently, sales of electrolytic copper are generally better than recycled copper.