Copper bush life and feasibility

- Feb 13, 2018-

Copper bush life and feasibility

Copper bush location and use of conditions and environmental conditions to choose the size to ensure accuracy, combined with the bearing ring, wheel bearing life expectancy and feasibility.

1. By using this website: Tapered Roller Bearings are radial and axial composite loads suitable for radial loads and usually have two sets of counter bearings, mainly on the front and rear wheels, driving bevel gears, bushings , Gear boxes and other transmission parts.

2, Allowable speed: The installed copper bush environment is correct and well lubricated, allowing to be 0.3-0.5 times the limit of the speed of rotation. Under normal circumstances, to the most appropriate time speed limit of 0.2 times.

3, to allow tilt angle: tapered roller bearings are generally not allowed to tilt axis and housing holes, such as tilt, up to 2 '.

4, Allowable temperature: Lubricants and lubricants under normal load and high temperature performance under normal conditions, usually worn at ambient temperature of 30 ° c-150 ° c.

Running on the computer to check the status, bearings as the focus, and are ready to program transformation has become more and more important. Because it is all the most important condition monitoring of rotating machinery parts to prevent damage to the slewing bearing, wheel bearing bearings, and maintenance equipment to prevent unplanned downtime early detection of bearing damage caused during the home is an important part.