Copper and zinc will be good investment targets for 2018

- Jan 29, 2018-

Copper and zinc will be good investment targets for 2018

January 20, the joint network of funds directly to the International Financial Club held a strategic salon, invited chief GF Securities analyst Guoxian Yin, and the private equity fund, industry professionals, researchers, to explore the 2018 colored plates the most valuable investment Varieties and related sectors stocks.

Non-ferrous metals, can not just look at the needs of China's perspective

For non-ferrous metals demand, most domestic investors and industrial clients are still hovering in the bear market pattern. In response, Ju Guixian believes that the demand for non-ferrous metals can not only stand on the perspective of China. In the process of economic restructuring and upgrading, the demand growth rate has dropped. However, the major economies in the world have shown signs of recovery. Sub-industry transfer opportunities, downturn for many years of non-ferrous metals spring has come.

LME copper prices from 5500 US dollars per ton in early 2017 rose to the current 7000 US dollars, is steadily upward.

Similarly, the price of zinc rose from 1,500 US dollars at the end of 2015 to the current 3,470 US dollars. It also stepped out of a slow market.

Copper and zinc as industrial base metals, the price continued to rise, because the global perspective, the four fundamentals have changed.