Application of Copper Profiles in Mechanical and Metallurgical Industry

- Dec 13, 2017-

In addition to the copper profiles in machine components, electrical circuit, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and control system in a large amount of steel, with a wide variety of brass and bronze transmission parts and fixed parts, such as gear, worm gear, worm, couplings, fasteners, twisting parts, screws and nuts meet the eye everywhere.

Almost all of the elastic elements are made of silicon bronze and tin bronze as materials. The welding tools, die casting moulds, etc. can not be separated from the copper alloy between all the parts that make the mechanical relative motion.

The bearing or bushing made by grinding copper alloy, especially the 10000 ton large extruder, the cylinder liner and slide plate of forging press, are almost made of bronze, and the weight of the castings can reach several tons.